Monday, April 30, 2007

Multi-Media Update

Well after noticing how few pictures and video have been uploaded lately I decided it was about time just that to happen. Cuz... well I like pictures, they're easier to read than text. So here is a somewhat eclectic collection of pix and one short movie.

This first very... uhh ... pink-- picture, was taken in probably the girliest room I've stayed in thus far. I'm trying to think of a word to describe it, umm I guess the best thing to say is that it was very ... pink. But none-the-less very comfortable and great hosts.
I call this pic: "Slightly Edited Cactus in the Desert with Mountain in Background Taken Mid-Day but Customized to Look as Though it Were at Dusk"
I know you don't have to tell me; I'm very good at coming up with concise, all-detail-encompassing titles

Now ladies and gentlemen, if you would direct your attention southward, this is a picture of us hiking in NM on a very beautiful day.

Hey Jon!

14:22 on the rocks

AND fresh off the SD card! These pictures were taken this morning right here in Lakin Kansas. Jon and I's host parents own a power-parachute! (or para-plane) So this morning Mr. Rice took us up in the air for an action-packed, fun-filled, death-defying, flight! Ok, maybe not death defying, but it was pretty exciting! So please excuse the dramatic emphasis.

Clear prop! Hang on! Here we go! "put the mic a little closer to your mouth" Can you here me now?

Wonder what would happen if I pulled on these strings......

And with that symbal God promised never to flood the earth again.

Just a couple more days of tour left then were back in Willmar. -A decrease in prayer support is not insinuated or implied whatsoever in the previously stated sentence. Party of the first part still covets prayer, including but not limited to lots of prayer!-


Friday, April 27, 2007

Goodbye AZ, Hello NM

We officially left AZ yesterday after a very enjoyable, and ministry effective time. We just played in a town called Show Low AZ the night before last. We were actually mostly playing for Awana's kids. I really enjoyed it cuz I love kids, and it seemed to go very well. In fact a little 10 year old girl gave her life to the Lord during the Creation drama! That was really exciting for me. It's just great to know that God is using our ministry to make an impact. We drove here to Rehobath NM, at a school where most the kids are Navajo Indians. Just played for the middles school chapel this morining and went hiking in the desert this afternoon. And I am now being told that we are gunna go out for supper so.... I guess I'll sign out.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

updates from Show Low

What a time we have been having in AZ! We have not only thawed from the snow in Minnesota (who knew it would warm up AFTER we left?! Come on now!), but we have met some great peeps along the way, Christian's family for instance. Thanks for taking such great care of us, Petersons! It was a pleasure to meet you. Also wanted to send a shout out to Trevor. We are excited to see you again soon. Glad to have you on board for the summer!

We have officially spent our last day in the great state of Arizona and are headed back to New Mexico today. We have done some great shows, and for the most part are healthy... That is except for me. My team has definitely been great troops to be down a vocalist yet again. At least this time I can still help with everything but the music. Oh the joys of allergy season! If you could pray for continued health for the rest of the team so we can finish strong and for my voice to return to normal soon, that would be wonderful. No worries, I'm taking care of myself and I'm on the mend. But the prayers are greatly appreciated.

Thanks to those who have welcomed us into your churches and homes this tour! We pray it has been a blessing for you, as we have enjoyed out time so far and look forward to meeting more amazing people over the next week. 14:21 - we're praying for you! I hope you guys are doing well. Finish strong, friends! That's all I've got for now. Thanks for your support, y'all!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hello Spring Tour!

Greetings from Arizona!

We have spent this past week (well, not really a week, though it has felt like it at some points!) working out way southwest from MN. What a trek it has been! Close to two thousand miles in just a matter of days. Talk about some close, personal van time! But, we made it down to New Mexico for a show in Mescalero on Tuesday. What a time we had there! Thanks to those who came out. It was a great start to our last tour as a full time team. But don't you worry, folks, we'll be going strong for a few more weeks yet and then helping out with summer, so we aren't going anywhere yet! :) Well... we are going places, but that's relative. You understand what I'm trying to say!

From NM, we have made our way to Tuscon then Phoenix. Go Sundevils! (Is that the right sports reference here?) We are looking forward to meeting Christian's fam, as he is from here and seeing his old stomping grounds. Many good times ahead. We had a blast with JSM last night and then Valley Lutheran HS earlier today. Thanks for the enthusiasm guys! We hope you had as much fun as we did.

I think that's it thus far. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We are all currently healthy and hoping to stay that way. We also covet your prayers for traveling mercies. We made it down here in one piece and we would love to stay that way all the way through. Thanks for your continued support! We look forward to those who we have as of yet to meet for this tour.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

One more time...

It only seems appropriate to leave a message as we venture to leave the state...once again.

We're just about to journey off on another adventure to the South Western United States. I'm ready for some Tex-Mex and Cowboy hats... OK, OK...I won't go too crazy, but I know that Christian will sure join me on the Mexican food. Our first few days will be travel days, we'll be puting about 1400 miles on the van the first few days. Departure gate: Willmar, MN...Destination: Mescalero, NM. I've heard that it has been nearly perfect weather down there and its only getting better! (i.e. 75 degrees moving to 85 and 90 degrees)

So, our whole team is well now...hopefully the warm dry weather will keep us that way, but as we journey, please continue to pray for us. Please pray for our safety as we will journey about 4000 miles in roughly 20 days. Please pray that our team stays healthy and we can all finish strong. Please pray that God sustains us through rest of our time together for the work he has called us.

We hit the dusty trail in the morning, so we'll see ya in three weeks! God's Peace!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

He is risen!

Happy Easter!!! I hope this finds you well on this blessed occasion.

We're coming up on meeting back up after a much needed break, and look forward to meeting more of you on the road as we gear up to head out again, this time to Arizona and New Mexico, two states I haven't been to yet, very exciting. I know this past week has been full of rest and relaxation, and I'm geared up to meet back up with my team and see what the Lord has in store for this next tour. Keep checking back for updates, and I hope you have a great time with your friends and fam today!


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Spring Break

Hi there!

Well Team 14:22 is enjoying a week or so off for Easter. I can't really speak for the rest of the team, but I'm certainly having a great break. It's been great to have my parents visit from Australia. We haven't been doing a whole lot - mostly just hanging out and enjoying seeing each other again.

It was a blast to have Mum and Dad see us in Mankato at our final concert for the tour. They'll be heading back home in less than a week now, and the team will be back together again for our final tour! My, how time flies.

I'm sure we'd all love prayer for a refreshing, rejuvinating break. And also that we would feel prepared to face our last tour. Also the office staff have many really important decisions to make regarding the Summer Teams that are approaching, so if you could keep that in prayer too that would be wonderful!

Thanks for checking out our blogspot! God bless,