Thursday, January 31, 2008

CTI releases new studio album!

We're proud to announce the release of Speak Without Sound, our new studio album for 2008!

Featuring members of our 2007 - 2008 fulltime ministry teams, Speak Without Sound is a concept album that we hope will take each listener on a journey, encouraging them as they seek the God that we serve and the life that He calls us to live.

We know it's kind of an odd title for an album (especially for one produced by a ministry that seeks to use music as a primary way to communicate our message!) But we also recognize that music simply provides us with an entryway into worlds that we would not have an opportunity to interact with otherwise. But it only opens the door. On the other side, our very lives must speak without sound if our message is to be understood and believed, for we know our words will be void if the fruit of Christ-likeness is not evident in us.

What opens the door for you?

The song from which the title is drawn goes on to proclaim "Your love is so loud!" How amazing and true it is that something as intangible as love is demonstrated most clearly in ways that speak louder than any message we can communicate audibly!

At CTI, we recognize that our greatest ministry takes place beyond the music, in the moments when we speak not through microphones, but through who we, as individuals, are striving to be. And that's a ministry opportunity that is available to everyone.

Saint Francis of Assisi admonished those under his charge to "preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words." We hope you'll join us in discovering the ways that we are all called to speak without sound.

You can preview or order the CD online by clicking the links to the right, or by visiting

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Almost 3 weeks into tour...

This is a story that happened to me on the road in the past 3 weeks: I gave my testimony about my fear and inadequacy of sharing in HK, but how I learned that God needs our voice to be a witness to those around us, no matter how inadequate we feel. So, this lady comes up to me afterwards, and tells me she accidently came to our concert because there was a huge concert 2 doors down that she was planning to go to, but said that God wanted her here tonight." Which I thought, whoa, that's pretty cool that she ended up here. Then she continued to tell me that God really convicted her through my testimony. She has felt the call to talk to youth specifically about abortion, yet felt inadequate and scared out of her mind to do it, so she kept pushing it away hoping the conviction would go away. She said that she had made the commitment to the Lord that night to not be silent anymore and to be His voice to the youth that night. She really has a heart for girls who want an abortion. She told me afterwards that my testimony really convicted her and that I will be in her testimony about how God had called her to action....I was completely humbled. I know it was the Spirit working because while I was talking, I felt overcome with boldness and a need to emphasize that God needs us to be His voice, otherwise who will? It's just so humbling to think that by being willing to share my testimony, so many kids may have life who could have been aborted. Crazy!!! God is soo amazing!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Colorado, I less than three you. <3<3

It's just so beautiful out here! And last night I finally saw what David Crowder meant when he wrote the song "stars". It's like a blanket in the sky that God has tucked his children into. The moon is HUGE and seems to govern the night in a way I've never seen before...almost as if it were competing with the sun. These mountains seem to provide a weird sense of security, I've never felt safer and more protected in his creation. (probably because the only other side of nature that I appreciate is an ocean in which all you can do is wrestle with its power on a fiberglass board haha)

Here are a couple pictures from when we took a hike the other day. Brooke was wearing crocs, and I was wearing slip on vans with holes in when frostbite set in we made the trek back to safety.

This tour has been an amazing time of ministry so far, God has seemed to reveal huge oppurtunities for ministry and growth.


Anyways, I realize that the cti1422 episodes have been dormant for a while. More will be coming soon!
I have however, started recording concerts! I still have to work out some bugs but I managed to record 2-3 songs from last night

1. "Your grace is enough"
2. "everlasting God"
3. half of "i stand amazed"

If you would like to hear, send me an email at:

AHH! I just looked at the clock and how late I am running, we have to tear down, get lunch, go to guitarcenter, and play a concert tonight!


you should see the stars tonight

how they shimmer shine so bright

against the black they look so white

comin down from such a height

to reach me now, reach me now

-David Crowder Band/ Stars

Friday, January 04, 2008

Winter tour!

here we are, out for 10 weeks!

keep checking for new posts as I am sure we will have alot to share with you guys!