Friday, December 07, 2007

Episode 6, son!

I am currently sitting on Mr. Chris Reed's couch using Vanita's lappy while she and Joe Lee track "completely free" in the other rooms and pretty soon I'll go in and lay some sweet leads (hopefully)

but for now...

Episode 6!


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Episode 5!

Ladies and Jellybeans...I present...something long over due.

Cti 1422 episode 5- Hong Kong!

As the team and I sat around making this episode we realized how much we greatly miss the times of ministry and the quality people we got to spend time with in Hong Kong. Please keep Hk-yfc in your prayers as they live out the legends and folk lore that surround a cti trip to hong kong everyday.


Last concert of tour is tonight! then a 12 hour drive home tomorrow!!! I can't wait to be in willmar again.


you remind me of home

the paint cracks where the water leaks

from the dusty pipes that are just beneath my feet

you remind me of home