Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rapp'n it up

Alright well we have just one more concert left to finish up the winter tour. After ten weeks of touring down to florida and back up the east coast we are now in Hudson WI were I can see MN out my window. We are traveling to Mankato tomorrow and we'll be doing our last concert in the evening. Carolyn's parents (all the way from australia) will be there to! Which she is slightly excited about. Or at least I assume that since she reminds us ever other hour or so. So that'll be fun. -Well It's been a great tour, I've really enjoyed it. Got to meet alot of great people, see some cool sights, and minister to many people. Kind of a happy/sad thing that its almost over. I enjoy being on the road and meeting new people all the time, but I'm also excited to go home and spend some time with my family. This tour has really been a growing but enjoyable experience. I praise God that we've made it through another tour, and we're still all in one piece. -Back to MN tomorrow!

signing out,

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fun times

We have spent a very relaxing week in Rockford, Illinois. Well actually, the quaint little township of Cherry Valley, Illinois. Anyhow, we were hanging out with Josiah's folks for 5 days and they were so much fun to be with.

Every morning except for Sunday, when we had an early church service, we slept in. That was great - (Mum, shield your eyes for a sec) I think I was getting up around 9/9:30 each morning. Hey, sleep is healthy!

We spent a lot of time relaxing and hanging out at the house. Playing board games, an array of musical instruments (of which I was rather woeful), being soundly beaten at Nertz (card game) by Mrs. Sjostrom, and watching movies. We were treated to some amazing meals, too. Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to Chicago and we had a lot of fun visiting Navy Pier and the Museum of Science and Industry. Oh, I forgot to mention. The boys had an airsoft battle in the woods behind the Sjostrom's house. Wow, they really got into it and came out with some war wounds. We also played some tennis at a nearby court, but we were rudely interrupted by the dramatic arrival of a police officer who proceded to arrest Josiah. He was soon released when the rest of us attacked the police officer with our tennis raquets.....actually no. The officer was (still is, to my knowledge) a family friend and decided to play a trick on us just for fun.

So now we have one week left of our tour before we have around 11 days off for Spring break. And after our lovely refreshing week, I think we'll all have enough energy to finish strong.

Keep those prayers coming - we appreciate you!
Until next time,

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Conversation

Hi from Ohio,

After triangulating and crisscrossing paths around the Chesapeake Bay area and having a ton of fun (and getting completely confused at times and paying a ton of money in tolls) we have for the past few days been traveling in Ohio where it is it has been raining. Adam and I had a chance to get together and answer a few questions about tour and life in general.

Adam: So what did you do today?

Rebekah: We drove about two hours this morning and then set up for a concert at Bowling Green Christian Academy. We played for a chapel in the afternoon and the kids had a ton of fun at the concert. Have you been having a good week?

A: Its been pretty fun, I guess…We haven’t had any big news…I did get the opportunity to spend 6 intimate hours with our dear van “Evan” and our Trailor “Buck”

R: Why, what happened…

A: They kicked me…What about you, have you had a good week?

R: Well I’ve been a little frightened by the drivers, their love of energy drinks and long road trips. But, hey, it’s been raining and since I LOVE rain it’s been good.

A: Well that’s interesting…

R: So what did you sing this week?

A: Umm, I don’t remember…It all blurs together after a while. My favorite is the humpty dumpty song though…oh, wait that was last year…

R: Last year…? What set you back so far?

A: I think it was the Energy drink I had this morning…

R: I didn’t realize they had gotten so far in time travel yet.

A: You’d be amazed what they’ve come up with so far. By the way, who are they?

R: I think “They” are really just “The Man” but that would mean that they are Christian and for some reason I doubt his ability to create something that complex. But he does amaze us in many ways…

A: Uhhhh……OK. Moving on…If you were a pop tart what kind of a pop tart would you be?

R: Oh buddy, I always have a hard time answering these questions cause they seem all innocent but they have these deep underlying meanings as to who I am. And I’m not sure I want to be so tied down by the asking of just one question about food. If I say that I want to be a chocolate frosted (which are my favorite) that might mean that I have a deep need to indulge myself or maybe that I like pink ponies (which I really don’t have an opinion either way). So in answer to your question whichever one makes me most like me. What about you?

A: Frosted strawberry…I don’t know why. Story of my life…looks good but is bad for you to eat.

R: I think we should stay away from these kinds of questions.

A: Yeah, good point…that was a bit awkward...So, name your favorite place you were at this week?

R: Where were we this week? (after discussing for five minutes where we’ve been this week) I think it was in Delaware, we had a concert in the evening on Sunday and the next day we had a day off and Jo, John, Carolyn and I went bike riding. It was so nice to get out into nature instead of being cooped up in Evan all day. What about you?

A: I would have to say that my favorite place that we stayed at without a doubt was, as a matter of fact, the very place that you previously mentioned in your statement, except I slept. It was good.

R: Wow that was a long way to say that your favorite place was a bed….

A: Well it wasn’t the actual bed, but the fact that I slept…it was amazing!!! Isn’t it great to sleep for 30 hours straight? Have you ever done that before?

R: Once when I was really sick. It was over the 2002 Olympics and I fell asleep through the best parts. I was quite sad…but then I fell back asleep, so I guess it wasn’t so bad. You?

A: No…So, the big question…Coke or Pepsi?

R: Whatever! You know it is Coke, all the way baby. It’s so nice. Although the Coke in Taiwan was a little weird so I would have to go with Pepsi there. So since we are watching to Tube right now I have to ask flat screen or old school?

A: Only if its High Def!!! I don’t watch much TV, only movies…So I would go High Def Flat screen…So tonight, our hosts are making us a superb dinner, I can smell some wonderful chicken cooking upstairs…you hungry?

R: Oh yeah, although I did have a great snack of Thin Mints (you know Girl Scout cookies). But that smell is really good…we’ve had some great meals this tour.

Question from Christian: Where is your favorite place to eat on the road?

R: By far Chick-fil-a.

A: Umm…I would definitely say Moe’s Southwestern Grille. The Homewrecker is amazing…ok, so I’m getting really hungry now…let’s go upstairs and eat…

R: What a great idea…"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship".

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Hello there!

So, it's been a bit since we updated, so let me see if I can catch y'all up on where we've been and what we've been up to. Maybe later someone will post some pics, from for now you'll just have to settle for reading about it. ;-)

We've spent the last week or two since Virginia doing laps (really, driving loops) from state to state, namely PA, Delaware, and Maryland. It's interesting for me, the Seattlite, to go so quickly from one state to the other like every other day. We can't do that in the Northwest. But, it's been good times. We're getting to see lots of the east coast states, which I have never been to before. Very exciting. Monday, however, was our day off. We spent the day in the other Washington, that's right, D.C.!! Very fun! Most of us had never been there before, and man alive, did we ever go through there fast. We had limited time (considering how much there is to see in D.C.) and we did the whirlwind tour. I took tons of pictures (which is my nature), and am excited to say I have now been to the nations capitol. It was thrilling, and exhausting.

Needless to say, we've been keeping busy but having a good time. We've had fun meeting more and more people. Thanks for all your generosity and hospitality! We've been spoiled by so many of you. Anyway, thanks for everything, to those who we've met along the way.