Sunday, October 25, 2009

Team 14:22 Arrives Safely

Team 14:22 arrived back in the U.S. safely this evening!

After a lot of traveling and coming back across the international date
line, they are understandably tired. But, the joy of the Lord shines
through their tiredness.

From all acounts it was a wonderful trip with lots of stories of God
working in and through the team!

Check back soon for more updates from the team!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Last Day

It's our last day in Taiwan. Our journey here has been full of adventures. We've only been in country for 16 days, and we've played 20 concerts in hospitals, schools, churches, and outdoor plazas. After every concert, we received reports of God's grace being bestowed upon people's lives through our music, testimonies, and drama. Last night, after we had performed our last concert in Taipei, a girl came up to me and told me that she really sensed God's love flowing through our music, and she decided to re-dedicate her life to Him. What an amazing testament to God's work being done here through us!
The YWAM staff here has been incredible. Mayi (our main contact, translator, coordinator, and essentially, babysitter) has been very good to us and even took us to the Chiang Kai Shek memorial, Shi Lin night market, and Taipei 101 (the world's second? tallest building). A typical day in Taiwan for us usually consists of breakfast at our usual spot, perhaps a morning or afternoon concert, lunch (potstickers!), and supper and an evening concert at a University somewhere in and around Taipei. Many evenings after the concerts, we will roam the streets of Danshui, where there happens to be a bustling night market which usually consists of flying scooters, plenty of bubble milk tea, other various meat/pastry products, some strange and unknown fruits, and best of all, the 10NT store (about 30cents USD). Taipei has been a blast for all of us. We have plenty of stories and experiences to share. God has done some marvelous things in our team.
We also cannot wait to come back and share with you all the love and encouragement that we have received from the people here in Taiwan. We look forward to our return and continual touring in the States and Canada. We leave tomorrow afternoon for Minneapolis via South Korea and Chicago.
Until then,
Jeff on bealf of Team 14:22

Sunday, October 18, 2009

1 more week

Greetings family, friends, and supporters,

I want to first just thank you all for your prayers over the last couple of weeks. Never before have I ever felt prayers so strongly. When I have been discouraged and felt alone, I know that I can always hold on to the prayers of the people from back at home. So thank you all, and we love you very dearly.

Please continue to pray for us during this last week here in Taiwan. Some team members are itching to get home, while others just love it here and don't want to leave. Pray that we continue to make the most out of each day, while ministering to people at every school and church we visit.

We will update once more before we depart for Minnesota this Saturday. Thanks for reading our posts!

~jeff hau, on behalf of Team 14:22

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

God at work in Taiwan

After a week in Taiwan, I am so amazed at how God is at work here. Despite cultural differences and the language barrier (I can still only say "hello" and "thank you" in Mandarin!), our team has really been reaching out to those we have encountered here. To see the excitement on the faces of the people at our concerts, and to hear the joy in their voices when they come to us after the shows to ask about God and our walks with just blows me away what an honour and privilege it is to be here, and to share our stories and share the love that God pours on us.

Earlier this week I got an email from Christian Harger, a former CTI full-timer, and he had this advice for me while overseas:

"Have such a fantastic time spreading the love of our savior and NEVER be afraid to tell somebody about Him."

We will, Christian. For sure.

With love on behalf of 14:22,

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hello from Taiwan!

Hey friends, family, and supporters!

Team 14:22 has made is safely to Danshui, in Taipei County, Taiwan! We're 13 hours ahead of Minnesota here, so we've had a little bit of adjusting to do, but we're all excited to be here and excited to be representing CTI in this amazing country! After 36 hours of travel, lots of time in airports, amazing food (potstickers and Bubble Tea, yum!), and a great apartment to stay in, we are starting to feel rested and prepared to play concerts here and build relationships with the people of Taiwan. Please pray for us as we continue to get settled here, please pray for our health (a number of us are sick, myself included!), and pray that we can be servants for God and share His love with everyone we encounter here in Taiwan.

With love on behalf of 14:22,

Monday, October 05, 2009

14:22 Checks in Safely!

Team 14:22 had a safe smooth check this afternoon at MSP. Check back
for news of their arrival after their long journey!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Taiwan Prep

Hello! This week has been crazy! But that’s nothing out of the ordinary…. Haha. We are back in Willmar right now. We finished getting all of our gear flight packed yesterday. Aside from personal belongings I believe we are ready to go. We are leaving on Monday around 2pm from Willmar. So we still have time to tie up any loose ends if needed. We have been working on learning a few songs in Mandarin this week. It has been a challenge but it is also a lot of fun. I believe I can speak for the whole team when I say we are all very excited to be able to go to Taiwan and minister to the people there. Aside from the thrill of being able to go to a different country, we are all very excited to help spread God’s word to the people there. It really is a privilege for us to be able to go. Thank you so much for supporting us and helping us make that happen! Please keep us in your prayers! And pray for 14:21 as well. They leave for Honduras on Monday morning.