Tuesday, April 06, 2010

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Hello fans of CTI 14:22!

With the recent launch of our new website, we've moved our team blogs back to ctimusic.org. Stop by and check them out!  You won't be able to comment directly on the posts at the CTI site, but they will also cross-post to our facebook page, and we encourage your comments on them there.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


I guess it has been a while since we last updated from Coatesville, PA... but since then, we've been through Maryland, PA, CANADA!!!, OH, IN, and now Prairie du Chien, WI! We had an awesome time of worship and fellowship with our brothers and sisters at Cornerstone Foursquare Church last night, and we're about to head over to the Prairie du Chien Correctional Facility for a concert there tonight.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support! We've got only FOUR more days of winter tour left as we'll be heading to Boscobel, WI tomorrow, Menasha, WI on Saturday, Wheaton, IL on Sunday afternoon, and then all the way back to Willmar, MN Monday morning... so hopefully you'll keep praying for us as we continue to serve the Lord and further His Kingdom!


Monday, March 01, 2010

This is Denny....not Rachelle

hello friends

For the last week we were snowed in at Coatsville PA. We were originally going to be there for about 5 days but ended up staying an extra few days. This gave us a great opportunity to get to know our hosts there really well. Thanks to all in Coatsville for keeping us for an extra couple days...its greatly appreciated! So now after a bit of a break we are all excited to get back out there and "get er dun" for God's kingdom!

Utmost Regards, :)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CTI 14:22 at Water Street Rescue Mission

On Perfection

Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite - I'm with CTI this year challenging and encouraging people to live their lives fully committed to an amazing God, yet I myself struggle with sin and brokenness and imperfection that separate me from God. What authority do I have to be in a position of ministry when I'm just as weak as anyone else? The funny thing is, if we on CTI were perfect Christians, that perfection would actually isolate us from those we are out to minister to. Our weakness is what connects us with the people we encounter every day, because weakness is something that every single person on this earth has in common. Nobody is perfect, regardless of how much we would like to be, or how much of a front we put on so that others think we are. As Pastor Dan O'Deens from Gateway Church in Coatesville, PA (where CTI 14:22 played this past Sunday) said; "God's heroes are not perfect people. They are people who serve a perfect God."
We are not perfect. And we will never be. But God is. In our imperfection, in our weakness, in our brokenness, let's live to serve Him.

With love on behalf of 14:22,

Friday, February 12, 2010

Crazy times!

Hey all, its Matt(using Dan's blogger acct.) Rumor has it that I've never posted on this blog thing..well the time has come. These last few days have been pretty crazy, with a concert being postponed due to the trailer needing some repair, and another concert postponed due to heavy snowfall. So we soaked in a few extra days of rest and had an awesome time hanging out with some great hosts. This morning(friday) we got back out on the road and drove to where I'm sitting right now, Williamsburg, VA, where we led an awesome time of worship at an Intervarsity group meeting at the College of William and Mary. Thanks for praying for us as we travel!

A challenge for you..

I've been thinking a lot about Luke 12:22-34 which is Jesus telling His disciples not to worry about anything in this world because He will provide what they need. That concept is easy to hear and easy to agree with, but I often wonder if I believe that He will actually provide. To rely fully on God is not really something we as North Americans are comfortable with because we are so used to providing for ourselves. I challenge you not to pursue treasures on this earth and do as it says in Luke 12:31 "Seek His kingdom, and these thing will be given unto you..". I love that concept because it is something the world will never understand, because everything on earth is about attaining the nicest things. While treasures on this earth can be fun, they don't last. Verse 34 goes on to say "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". I dont know about you, but I want my heart to be set on God's kingdom, a treasure that lasts forever. Thanks for reading!


Monday, February 01, 2010

comin' at ya from the sunshine state.

Hey y'all, Jon here. Sorry it's been quite a while since our last update in Georgia. Well, since leaving Columbus, we've been to multiple towns in sunny Florida. God has definitely shown us heaps of things in our short time here.

so we went from this...

to this.

One of the things that we had a chance to do was just sit on the beach and marvel at God's creation after having a blast with the SOY group from Hurlburt Field AFB's youth retreat. Not only did we get to see God's creation in full splendor, we got to see what it means to give everything you have to further the kingdom of God, no matter what circumstances life throws at you. So our hosts at Hurlburt Field AFB, Cope and Sue, literally gave everything they have in order to invest in the lives of their students and in our lives as well for the short time we were there... their time, finances, life stories and experiences. Nothing was too much for them and they always did it with a joyful heart. And their love for their students definitely poured out and overflowed and the culture of their YG became much the same as how they lived out their lives. They weren't shy about sharing their pains and hurts and asking their students to lift them up in prayer... and their students weren't worried about what others thought about them or anything like that if they were to share their struggles. Thanks guys!

The other thing I experienced was the surreal experience of having two worlds collide. This past Friday, we had the opportunity to play at my home church. And it was great!

People from both Harvest (my church's English congregation) and Vision Church (my church's Korean congregation) were led in worship by the team. And while the whole experience of being back home, looking out into the congregation and seeing familiar faces, and looking around and seeing team 14:22, was odd, it was good to have an opportunity to share the mission and goals of CTI with my home church and to tell them a little bit about what we've been up to. And it was great to see that it didn't matter how different everyone was... we got a little glimpse of heaven that night. It didn't matter what language we spoke, what stage of life we were in... we all worshipped the God who deserves all of our worship. And no language barrier, power outage, and awkward pauses between sentences in explanations of experiences had so far, kept us from worshipping God. And what brought us together wasn't the fact that I attend Harvest or the fact that we happened to have a venue there, but it was the love of Christ that brought us together. And it was good to see and be reminded of the fact that there are people back home rooting for us and praying for us.

So thanks for everything family at Harvest!

We'll be in Florida for a little while longer and then we'll be heading north in the next few days. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!! We really couldn’t be doing this without you lifting us up in prayer!! Here are a couple more prayer requests for the following weeks:

· Safety as we travel (we’ve got some gnarly drives coming up... and we'll be heading up towards the snowy bits of the country.)

· Servant hearts (that we would continue to want the Lord to work mightily in us and through us)

· The hearts of people that we meet (that the Lord would be working even now in their hearts... that they’ll be ready to hear the message that He has for them)

Thank you again for all your support!!

btw... Photo props to Isaac Lee (jakleephotography.blogspot.com) and Sue Copeland. Thanks y'all. Until next time.