Thursday, March 13, 2008

and also...

We'll be on "vacation" for the next week and a half so I wouldn't be sitting by your computer biting your nails, waiting for another blog entry from us.

All in due time my dear people.

But until then, take care.


End of Winter tour.

Wow! I can hardly believe that we have finished our longest tour!

10 weeks ago we were traveling to Nebraska, trying to remember how our songs were meant to be played, and getting used to being nomadic again.

Oh how much stuff we have learned, from each other, from our contacts on the road, from our audiences, from God.

I want to recap some fun moments or interesting times. To do so I thought to myself, "what could be better than asking your team what their favorite moments were?"

So I am going to do so.

Starting with.... the first person who answers this question...

1. What is your favorite place to eat on the road?
Brooke answers, " chipotle, or panera." Matt "panera". Brooke, "overall favorite of the group panera."

2. What was your favorite city, town, state that we visited?
Joe Lee: "California, all the people jogging, oh and Inn and Out!"

3. Best gas station to stop at when you need a snack?
Basically they all were talking about random places that nobody remembers... So I am going to say just for fun. Kum and Go.

This has gotten old as our team is incredibly indecisive!

We have been able to see so many beautiful places and people throughout this tour!

One of my favorite moments was getting to go horse back riding on a ranch with the team a week or so ago.
I love horses and haven't been able to go riding in years. It was an amazing blessing to be able to just relax and enjoy what I have missed doing.

Well we are on our way home. Or wherever we're going to spend our "spring break".

I think we are all looking forward to it in one way or another.

Thank you all for following our blogs and for all of your amazing support this tour!

I can't wait for spring tour! East coast here we come...

Blessings to your Easter celebrations!


Friday, March 07, 2008

the whole wide world

At a recent venue I was talking to a young lady about prayer. About whether or not she wanted Jesus to be in her life. She said that she wanted it as tears streamed down her face. "but" she said, "it just seems so hard". My only response was to say that Jesus promised that His burden was light, His yoke was easy.

This is a song I wrote a while ago. It's difficult to know there was so much more to say to this dear girl, but time and circumstances wouldn't allow it. If only I could just let her know;

You with the teardrop painted on your face
you with the knife cutting holes in me
You with the picture of a life bygone
come to me, come to me, I'll give you rest

You with the noose hanging round your neck
you who offer nothing to anyone
you who missed your last chance
take this chance on me
come to me, come to me, I'll give you rest

You with your face hidden in your hands
you with your shame imbedded in your skin
you born to no one
through me be born again
come to me, come to me I'll give you rest

Remember our God:
He would go the whole wide world, go the whole wide world just to find you
go the whole wide world, go the whole wide world to find out where they hid you