Friday, February 12, 2010

Crazy times!

Hey all, its Matt(using Dan's blogger acct.) Rumor has it that I've never posted on this blog thing..well the time has come. These last few days have been pretty crazy, with a concert being postponed due to the trailer needing some repair, and another concert postponed due to heavy snowfall. So we soaked in a few extra days of rest and had an awesome time hanging out with some great hosts. This morning(friday) we got back out on the road and drove to where I'm sitting right now, Williamsburg, VA, where we led an awesome time of worship at an Intervarsity group meeting at the College of William and Mary. Thanks for praying for us as we travel!

A challenge for you..

I've been thinking a lot about Luke 12:22-34 which is Jesus telling His disciples not to worry about anything in this world because He will provide what they need. That concept is easy to hear and easy to agree with, but I often wonder if I believe that He will actually provide. To rely fully on God is not really something we as North Americans are comfortable with because we are so used to providing for ourselves. I challenge you not to pursue treasures on this earth and do as it says in Luke 12:31 "Seek His kingdom, and these thing will be given unto you..". I love that concept because it is something the world will never understand, because everything on earth is about attaining the nicest things. While treasures on this earth can be fun, they don't last. Verse 34 goes on to say "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". I dont know about you, but I want my heart to be set on God's kingdom, a treasure that lasts forever. Thanks for reading!


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Chris Reed said...

Great thoughts, Matt. I do believe He will provide as He has promised... the hard part for me is recognizing that my view of my own needs might be much different than His. Submitting to His will and allowing Him to provide what I need may not be comfortable... that's the harder part of faith for me!

Thanks for sharing your heart.